Surakarta A Beautiful Board Game by Adrenaline Brush


Surakarta is a highly original and interesting game that is played very differently to other strategy games. Players can only capture their opponent’s pieces by moving through single or multiple loops.

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  • A unique strategy game.
  • Category – 2 player games.
  • Ages 8 to adult.
  • Beautifully designed and made in the UK
  • Supplied with quality wooden playing parts made from sustainable wood.

Special Feature

In Surakarta, you can move their playing pieces horizontally, vertically and diagonally.  You can also move forwards and backwards. But, players cannot jump over each other’s playing pieces.  To capture a playing piece, you must move through one the loops and land on the space occupied by your opponent’s piece.  You can move through one or more of the pale blue outer loops or through the inner loops.  As pieces are removed from the board, you can move through more than one loop.  Surakarta is the only game that involves moving through loops to capture opponent’s pieces.  The special loop feature distinguishes Surakarta from other ancient board games.

Additional Information

  • Surakarta is an ancient board game from Java.
  • Surakarta has been produced as a part of the art games collection by Adrenaline Brush.
  • Time to play – 25 to 30 minutes average.
  •  Game supplied with colour illustrated rules

All our beautiful board games can be modified to make personalised board  games making the games unique and extra special.  You can contact us to discuss to your specific needs and the potential options.

Adrenaline Brush is a British board game and art/graphic design company that has been operating for 10 years.  Specialising in making beautiful board games, board games that can be enjoyed as pieces of art as well as a game.  We make new board games and revive ancient board games as modern art games.  We can design logos and branding and create art work for use on publicity materials.  The team comprises practising artists/graphic designers with business and educational backgrounds.  Artists are showcasing their work on this site.


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