Cats at St Mary’s Lighthouse A fine art print by Ken Davies


Cats at St Mary’s Lighthouse is a Fine Art Print of a landscape painting by Ken Davies.

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Cats at St Mary’s Lighthouse

Cats at St Mary’s Lighthouse is a Fine Art Print of a landscape painting by Cheshire based artist Ken Davies.

The piece was inspired by a visit to a friend who lives close to St Mary’s light house and is a lover of cats. The painting captures the causeway leading up to the lighthouse. It was mid morning and no one was around on a beautiful cloudless sunny day. There are around 10 cats hiding in the scene – some are more obvious than others.  There is also one mouse though be prepared for the unexpected. The painting was recreated from sketches and photographs taken on the day. Ken Davies is an avid doodler and an expert colourist.  Ken is often asked about how he achieves clean white lines.  Although the technique is a closely guarded secret, it is a traditional technique involving and pen and paintbrushes. Hidden things are an added feature to show a frivolous side.  Many observers find their own shapes in the pieces like cloud gazing or attributing meaning to ink splats.

St Mary’s light house is on a minature island and can only be accessed at low tide.  It is surrounded by rock pools, wetlands and beach.

As an artist, Ken Davies, takes his inspiration from his love of the natural environment and enjoys capturing scenes associated with nature and water. He enjoys seeking out and playing with different media combining materials that initially seem incompatible. Cats at St Mary’s Lighthouse is a Fine Art Print of his hidden collection.

The print is 37 cm by 27 cm in a light sno white mount of 50 cm by 40 cm.  There is the additional option to buy the natural solid wood frame which shows the work to its best.

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The print is produced to the highest (archival grade) quality with premium inks on premium paper. The print is 36 cm by 26 cm.

The mount is white core with a snow white face. It is 50 cm by 40 cm and the frame if chosen is a solid wood ntural frame.

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