See the work of the Adrenaline Brush artists and graphic designers.

Adrenaline Brush Artists

See the work of the Adrenaline Brush artists and graphic designers.

Gallery 1 – shows the latest art collection by Nellie Maan.  The collection is called text speak art.  It is a collection of 12 carefully selected text acronyms that have that have been created as pieces of art.  Each piece evokes an initial response – it could be a smile, laughter, a face of curiosity, or even perplexity.  The viewer is then drawn into the depths of each piece as they examine and explore more closely.

Gallery 2 shows some work by artist and graphic designer Ken Davies.  More work will be posted as the site is developed. The artist is presently working on his latest collection which will be revealed soon.

Gallery 3 – shows our beautiful board games.  The artists at Adrenaline Brush are very keen board gamers.  After designing and producing a few new modern board games, they decided to revive some classic ancient strategy board games.  Many of these games have been forgotten which is a shame as they provide hours of fun and are very strategic.  The artists challenged themselves to turn the old lines and grids into striking art pieces.  The goal was to offer something new - a board game that is a board game but also a piece of art that can be hung wall when not being played.

Gallery 4 – Splodge – Thinking 4 Success is a collection of 6 short stories to engage young people in thinking for success.  The books come with a fantastic pack of support materials.  Find out more at

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